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We LOVE creating things that inspire, make people laugh, and make people think!  By purchasing shirts and other swag here, you not only get cool stuff – you also get to say you are making a difference for some of our most vulnerable teens through joyful learning and mentoring.  We are deeply grateful for your help!

Here are a few stories of the real-life human impact you are helping to create:

“Michelle is the center of my inspiration as I try to promote the Maker Movement.  I know what making has done for me in my life and feel everyone can benefit from this work.”
– Mike Coley, Deputy Chief, Tehama County Probation

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#FDGGivesBack brings dreams to life for kids

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Super cool Maker shirts featuring an edgy combo of vintage fun meets powerful “seize the day” constructivist styling.  designed by Heather Vine of Vine Design (thanks Heather!).

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Join tons of teachers and school leaders who believe in teaching for life, not just a test by rocking this super awesome shirt! Designed by Michelle Hickok (thanks Michelle!).

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BONUS: Every product in this shop sold in December 2016 supports our friends at Maker Education Initiative! Read more about that here.

180 Days of Making Book


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About the Book:

If you believe in joyful education that allows kids to discover their passions and prepares them to live their dream life, this book is for you.

All kids deserve to believe that they can pursue their dreams, not as pie in the sky illusions, but as the real possibility of something better. I have seen this happen for countless young people, who have beat the odds when everything was stacked against them. Now, I invite you to join me on my mission to make joyful learning and actualized dreams a reality for all kids through maker education.

There are a lot of books out there on the Maker Movement, so how is this one different?

Creating a class around making is not an easy task…until you’ve done it. We did it. And our program was wildly successful.

Unlike other books, 180 Days of Making offers the perfect storm of the “why” and the “how.” It reads like a hybrid documentary and visionary manifesto; a broad strokes road map for integrating making in your school, including all of the pieces necessary to create your own middle school elective course. This is the real-world application of a teaching philosophy we know works; with the full detail of how we made it happen, so you can too.

Check out the amazing support for 180 Days of Making!

“As someone that found himself neck deep in the Maker Movement and realized how much today’s kids were being cheated on exploring different things, I wholeheartedly support what this amazing lady is doing. While we may kid her about being “naturally caffeinated” (she is) she uses her powers for good. After helping endless schools build their own Maker Spaces, she is writing a manual that shows anyone, anywhere, how to put together a space that allows our youth to discover their natural talents. Please donate, not just for kids everywhere, but your kids too! Trust me, your school NEEDS a makerspace!” 
– Scott Chandler

“I just backed a remarkable friend’s Kickstarter project. Michelle Carlson at Future Development Group is a true pioneer in the Maker Movement for rural communities and is positively impacting education across the country, from right here in Red Bluff!”
– Melissa Mendonca

“If your children have come home from school talking about what fun they had at a makerspace, it’s because EMT leadership team member Michelle Carlson boldly brought her vision to our community. Now she wants to spread the knowledge so schools across the country can develop what we have.”


“One of many Makerspaces Michelle has developed is in the Tehama County Juvenile Justice Center. The learning experience has been transformed there, and youth are discovering talents and skills they never before imagined.”
– Expect More Tehama

“Please check out this amazing project by Michelle Carlson. Back her if you can – she is a Maker Rockstar!”
– Donna Wilkstad Sangwin

“Imagine a place where students of all ages are glued to their projects. Learning graphic design, computer science, story writing, and the practical career skills prepping them for the future. Applying school knowledge and learning to interest specific projects. Makerspace is this. A room inspiring the thinkers, tinkers, writers, scientists, and explorers of tomorrow! This is the next step in education to create people who are capable to tackle the unique problems this world now faces. Support the students of tomorrow :)”
– Maryn Spangler

“Michelle Carlson is amazing and so is the Maker Movement she’s promoting. A high energy, very creative person who is passionate about our kids and helping them succeed.”
Julie Zeeb 

“To my teacher and administrator friends: this will be a book worth owning. Michelle Carlson has worked with schools all over Northern California (two of them in our district). This book will be a goldmine of information for anyone thinking about incorporating hands-on learning in the classroom. Order yours ahead of time! ‪#‎LifeIsTheTest‬ ‪#‎makerspace‬ ‪#‎stem‬ ‪#‎steam‬ ‪#‎buildyourself‬”
Greg Robinson