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Choose To Lead

By Michelle Carlson 2 months agoNo Comments

I started off the day today with a three hour intensive leadership course led by famed author and entrepreneur Seth Godin.  From 6am to 9am PST, almost 700 people from NINETEEN different time zones came together virtually to hear from Seth, share their experiences and dig deep into what it means to lead.  It was an intense and worthwhile experience!

Many people think that the opportunity to lead comes from a job title or from someone who has the power to pick leaders…to somehow be anointed with the ability to lead.  In reality, being a leader is a choice, one that we all have the power to make.  We don’t need permission from anyone but ourselves.  In starting Future Development Group, I made a choice to lead.  To go first in doing something many people thought was not possible.   Because I believe in the power of setting an example that opens up a world of possibility, in even the most rural, poverty stricken places.

I am grateful for the support and encouragement that has come from this community, and even more grateful for the freedom to make a difference in the world around me.  I now have the opportunity to empower others to lead and to have a positive impact on the world, which fills every single day with an abundance of joy for me.

Today’s course was the second of it’s kind to be offered by Godin, and all of the proceeds – $107,000 to be precise – went to to pay for +Acumen’s work in building out the world’s largest school for social leaders.  I highly recommend this course and the work being done by these amazing people to address poverty and social change.

Let today be the day you choose to lead, or the day you offer a kind word to those who have made that choice themselves.  We are all in this together, and together we WILL make the world a better place!
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