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From implementing makerspaces to leadership coaching and support, we're here to help you bring your vision to life.

Our Mission is to provide places of learning with the support and resources they need to give students the education they deserve. In doing so, communities thrive, innovation happens everywhere and the world is a better place.

FDG is an internationally recognized consulting firm, providing support and leadership to schools seeking to maximize student engagement, experiential learning and adoption of evidence based initiatives.  We offer a broad range of wraparound services, which are listed below.  Feel free to reach out today to find out how we can support you!

“We are excited to have Michelle on our campus regularly.  Her support has helped us make progress in many places across our campus and because of it, teachers are having a whole new set of conversations centered around learning design, from the classroom experience to integrating technology in deeper ways.  She is making a difference that is measurable and has been amazing at inspiring our teachers to innovate inside the box.”
Kristy Nobles, Evergreen Elementary Principal


Innovative capacity building at its best.

Implementing change requires support, and the better the support, the more successful your students and school will be.  With nearly a decade of experience supporting teachers and school leaders in developing engaging and thriving learning environments, we’ve got what it takes to help you take your school to the next level.

We specialize in:

  • Teacher coaching: maximize student engagement and success
  • Leadership coaching: identify and address “blind spots,” program roll-out strategies and organizational communication

Coaching certifications and training:

Harvard Professional Development Programs
Harvard Division of Continuing Education
Participant, Leadership Coaching Strategies

“As an international school curriculum coordinator, I appreciate Michelle Carlson’s coaching. Her insight has been extremely useful in my thinking and planning for school change. Indeed working with Michelle has made a positive impact in my leadership role.”
Marlon Ng, Curriculum Coordinator
American International School, Hong Kong


Engage your school community like never before.

Our goal is to build capacity within your system so you don’t need us forever. In order to embrace new technologies, teachers first need to see themselves as capable learners. Our work is centered around connecting teachers with the tools and resources they need to feel inspired and excited about educational technology, hands-on learning, and innovative teaching strategies. Lasting transformation comes from providing the right balance between inspiration, training and follow up support. We’ve developed a system which allows us to strike that balance and deliver results.

Staff training at Tehama County Juvenile Detention Facility makerspace:Makers2

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Engaging learners of all ages is our passion! It’s an elegant, results-driven solution for the very complex issues our education system faces. This work has the power to change lives and transform communities.

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We at FDG are internationally known for our leadership, expertise and genuine commitment to improving education for kids, teachers and school leaders.  We look forward to hearing from you about how we can support your efforts to reimagine education.

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