Podcast episode 4: the Makerspace is what gave us hope

By Michelle Carlson 9 months ago1 Comment

Just released: episode four of our podcast Faces Behind The Data.

This one is especially near and dear to my heart as it features two of the original “Makerspacians” whose lives were permanently and positively changed by the first makerspace in our region.  Maryn and Ericka are now off to college and excited about their futures, majoring in math and computer science, respectively.  Futures they say would not have been so bright without the skills they gained during their time in the makerspace.

These two amazing young women come from very different backgrounds and had very different experiences in school. Maryn was the high school valedictorian who took every single AP class she could get her hands on and Ericka struggled in school her whole life.  In this episode, they share their a-ha moments, their struggles and their personal triumphs that they both attribute to skills they gained in the makerspace.

I’ve included some of their pearls of wisdom below:

“I liked art, but you can’t apply that to the real world.  That’s what I thought before the makerspace.”

“The makerspace lets you do fun things.  You get to find yourself there.”

“It’s beautiful because I get to be seen for aspects of my character that I wanted to grow and I grew them through the makerspace.”

“Art is everywhere.  I can feel my brain growing in its capacity to understand mathematics just by using aspects of it that were dormant until now.  Aspects that I grow through art and creativity.”


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  • Kathy Curtiss says:

    It’s voices like these that give value to investing in being creative with students. I wonder if students like this would be available for advice on how to document their successes with data, academic and otherwise…?

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